Manitoba Online Casinos

Are you in Manitoba and looking for the best casinos to put your money in and win in five folds? If yes, you are at the right place because we are here to give you the list of all the options you get in the area. But that is not all; there is a little more information about gambling and casinos that can help you choose the best option for yourself. Because gambling is not about the casinos alone, it is also about the providers, RTPs, games, and overall experience. So, browse through the article below and find all the tips and top options to earn most easily in Manitoba.

Gambling In Manitoba

Gambling in Canada is one of the most common activities practiced by people. It is either out of boredom, excitement, or addiction. So it is natural to find every one in three people you meet involved in some of the other forms of gambling. Manitoba being the fifth most populated province, shows no exception. And why would it, when the government allows it at the licensed casinos. It is why you will find all casinos in Manitoba busy with crowds all along the week.

The Casinos Of Manitoba

Manitoba has several casinos, but not every casino is a good choice for gambling. Especially if it doesn’t meet the standards of RTP or the percentage Return To Player. A casino looking nice isn’t enough to guarantee safety with your money. And since gambling can be addictive, it becomes more important that you choose the right place. A good decision can save you from losing a lot of money. 

So it is every bit necessary to check the reviews of the casinos for validation if you want to gamble and make bets at a casino nearby.Β 

manitoba online casinos

Manitoba Casinos And Gambling In The Top 3

  1. Club Regent Casino
  2. South Beach Casino And Resort
  3. McPhillips Station Casino
  4. Club Regent Casino

Timings throughout the week: 

Mon-Sat: 9:30 AM – 3:00 AM

Sun: 11:30 AM – 3:00 AM

Operated by Manitoba Lotteries Corp, Club Regent Casino is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. However, its prime location in Transcona, right next to the Club Regent Hotel, is not the only great thing about the casino. Being only 30 mins away from the Winnipeg International Airport, the casino serves as one of the best spots for gamblers.


  • Huge gaming space
  • One floor completely for Video Lottery Terminal machines and Slot machines.
  • 44 variety of table and poker games.
  • Over 1000 video gambling machines.
  • Attached bar.
  • Connected to three restaurants and one hotel for residing guests.
  • The betting amount starts from as low as 0.01 CAD.

Address- Club Regent Casino, 1425 Regent Avenue W Winnipeg, MB R2C 3B2, Canada

Contact- 204-957-2500

  1. South Beach Casino And Resort

Timings for the week- 

Mon-Thu: 10:00 AM – 3:00 AM

Sat: open 24 hours

Sun: 12:00 AM – 3:00 AM

The South Beach Casino and Resort is a luxury casino facility in Scanterbury, Manitoba. 


  • Spread across 40,000 sq. ft.
  • The number of gaming slot machines cross 600
  • Connected to a restaurant, lounge, ballroom, pool, and hotel for the best experience for the guests.
  • You can choose from 6 table games.
  • The betting starts from 0.01 CAD.

Address- South Beach Casino And Resort, 1 Ocean drive Scanterbury, MB R0E 1W0, Canada

Contact- 204-766-2100

  1. McPhillips Station Casino

Timings for the week- 

Mon-Thu: 10:00 AM – 3:00 AM

Sat: open 24 hours 

Sun: 12:00 AM – 3:00 AM

Another casino located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, McPhillips Station Casino, is owned by the Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries. The casino is known for its excellent services.


  • Huge area
  • Slot and video gaming machines- over 1200
  • 44 varieties of poker and table games
  • Connected to two restaurants

Address- McPhillips Station Casino, 484 McPhillips Street Winnipeg, Manitoba R2X 2H2, Canada

Contact- 204-957-2500

Casinos Of Manitoba

Looking at the popularity of gambling in Manitoba, casinos in every locality are normal. But trusting them like local grocery stores is not! License from an authorized gambling institution is one of the most important factors of a trusted casino. So, instead of going by its lights and sound effects, look into the reviews of the Manitoba casinos. Alternatively, you can choose from one of the registered casinos of Manitoba to be assured a 100% fair play and money guarantee. 

Additionally, you can choose from the top 3 Manitoba online casinos to simplify things.

Top 3 Manitoba Online Casinos

While Manitoba had several local casinos, many of them closed during the first phase of the pandemic. But now, some of them are open and operating with COVID guidelines. However, most of them cannot maintain the guidelines because of the nature of the games and the crowd. But that is not the case with online casinos. Besides giving you the best benefits, they provide you with the safest gambling platform. 

Check the reviews of Manitoba’s top 3 online casinos and realize why they are far better than the local casinos.

Top 3 Online Casinos In Manitoba
Casino NameWelcome BonusHighlights
888 Casino100% deposit bonus up to 200 CADNo deposit bonusesFrequent promotionsVIP programMin deposit- 10 CADCashout speed: 1-7 daysMobile apps+mobile-friendly website
Leo Vegas100% deposit bonus 1000 CAD + 200 Free Spins Award-winning casinoHuge gaming libraryCashout speed: 1-5 daysMobile apps for iOS, Android+mobile-friendly web versionGames- 4487
Genesis Casino100% deposit bonus 100 CAD + 300 Free Spins 24X7 customer supportLive casinoGames- 3104Cashout speed: 1-5 daysMinimum deposit- 10 CADMobile-friendly web version

Rising Popularity Of Manitoba Online Casinos

Gambling is an addiction; some have it to the extreme, others mild. But people who have been into gambling in the past find it very difficult to stop trying their luck suddenly. And that is the case with 75% of the Canadian population known to engage in gambling. Hence, the newer generations shifted to online gambling when the local casinos went out as options due to the Covid guidelines. The demand for gambling apps and websites has since been on the rise, especially because of the combination of variety and ease they offer. 

Manitoba Gambling Law For Casinos

There are no laws in Manitoba that prohibit gambling in the province; hence neither the gamblers nor the casinos have to worry. However, the casinos operating in the province have to be authorized by the legislation controlling the area. The legislation assigned for casinos and gambling in Manitoba is the Liquor and Gaming Authority of Manitoba. Under The Liquor and Gaming Control Act, casinos wanting to operate in Manitoba has to get registered by the authority. Any casino without a license is illegal and can be accused of a criminal offense if found. 

However, Manitoba doesn’t have any history of prosecuting gamblers. Despite that, people should be careful because casinos operating without a license are mostly frauds and cheat people, which can cause them huge losses.

Conclusion- Manitoba Casinos And Gambling

Gambling in Manitoba does not mean huge casinos only, like the ones we see in Vegas. While they are also there, people in Canada are involved in several forms of betting and gambling that do not always require fancy slot machines. The choice of their preferred casino game may differ from person to person, but there is a common interest in gambling amongst the localities. It is why the province has many casinos in the area. However, since the pandemic, several had to shut or move because of the fall in business. 

It resulted in gamblers shifting to online mobile gambling. But with everything coming back to the new normal, casinos in Manitoba are reopening. While it may look exciting initially, don’t get cheated by frauds and trust the registered ones only. Find the best casino after comparing their reviews for the best experience and to risk your real money. Happy gambling!

F.A.Q. – Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gambling On Manitoba Online Casinos Legal?

All forms of gambling are legal in Manitoba. However, the law prohibits casinos from operating in the provincial area without the authorization of the Liquor and Gaming Authority of Manitoba. 

What Are The Best 3 Manitoba Online Casinos To Try?

Unlike the local casinos, the mobile gambling environment has become quite competitive in the recent past. With its growing popularity, more gambling apps have been launching in Canada accessible in Manitoba as well. 888 Casino, Leo Vegas, and Genesis Casino are some of the most trusted mobile gambling options in Manitoba.

What Is The Legal Age For Casinos And Gambling In Manitoba?

The legal gambling age is universal in Canada. It means that gamblers need to be 18+ to bet and use gambling as a source of earning money or sport.