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New Brunswick is a wonderful Canadian province bordering the Atlantic coast. This location is one of the amazing Canadian provinces that has the most exciting yet concise gambling history in Canada. Legal forms of gambling with an already rating excellent attract new players.

The regulation subject to legislation within Canada is the Criminal Code. In accordance with the statute of the code, provinces and inclusive territories have the right to manage lottery schemes with online games. The games take their places in software compatibility for the convenience of players.

New Brunswick is one of those forward-thinking provinces. The province has taken full advantage of the Act and legalized the forms of gambling, video lotteries, charity games, and sled racing under the Gambling Control Act of 2008. In this article, we will look at some legal gambling forms as well as some of the approved laws along with the regulatory authorities. We will help you focus on online gaming, its legitimacy, and features.

Historical Overview of New Online Casino Options

Gambling forms in New Brunswick are governed by the provisions of the Canadian Penal Code and the New Brunswick Gambling Control Act. Before the law which legalized all forms of gambling, NB had the Lottery Act of 1976 which prevented problem gambling.

Under the Lottery Act, the lottery schemes were organized, run, and regulated by the New Brunswick Lottery Commission. Thus, the former royal company was in charge of it. Still, a local government publicly announced a change in responsible gambling policy and announced new rules in 2007. The purpose of these rules was to reform lotteries, charity games, and allow casino games. As a result, New Brunswick passed the Gambling Control Act in 2008.

New Brunswick online casino

By law, the Lottery Commission was split into separate organizations: New Brunswick Lotteries and Gaming Corporation and the Division of Gaming Licensing and Security. The NBLGC is responsible for the administration of all provincial gambling. Operators of regulation, control, and licensing are in turn the prerogative of the Division of Gambling, Liquor, and Safety Licensing.

The lottery management section of the NB Lottery Commission was taken over by a crown company founded by the four states of Canada on the Atlantic coast and their gaming agencies: New Brunswick Lotteries and Gaming Corporation, as well as the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. The company called Atlantic Lottery became responsible for the organization of lottery games and lottery machines with banking options available to players. You can independently check some gambling sites authorized in NB.

Top Local Casinos in Brunswick

Grey Rock Casino 

Physical Address: Maliseet First Nation, 100 Chief Joanna Blvd., Saint-Basile, NB

New Brunswick Casino 

Physical Address:21 Casino Drive, Moncton, NB

Best Online Casinos in NB


Gambling Legalization in New Brunswick

The gambling business is regulated by the Criminal Code at the federal level. However, articles 201 to 206 confirm that certain types of gambling are still illegal in the country. The exceptions are sweepstakes, horse racing, lotteries, and other entertainments described in Article 204 of the Law.

The top racetracks and lottery organizations across the country are regulated by the Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency or CPMA hereinafter referred to as the Agency responsible for the best games with a focus on online casinos. These games are legal under the law and are nevertheless favorite games for beginners and advanced players.

The New Brunswick Betting Agency is responsible for:

  • Providing supporting permits and special licenses to Canadian racetracks and betting casino operators to conduct sweepstakes; 
  • Audit and monitoring of the implementation of bets on the totalizator;
  • Ensuring compliance with the rules of the online game taking into account paying taxes.

The Code prohibits any gaming activity that is uniquely dependent on the player’s random chance of winning. Another thing is to establish and discover how practical jokes and games require the participant to apply skills and abilities. Combining chance with an effort to win the game (the so-called mixed chance) does not directly violate the articles of the law on gambling. This is especially evident if there is a casinos compare strategy in other regions.

Gambling competitions in this state are subject to regulation at the federal level with the help of the Criminal Code. They are banned except in some special cases. Therefore, in section 204 of the Act, it is permissible to bet on horse racing or sports. Together with the studied norm, additional documents regulating the activities of casinos in different states taking into account paying taxes.

In Ontario, the rule on lotteries and the gaming industry has been working since 1999. In New Brunswick, a law is relevant that describes the procedures and principles for controlling gambling entertainment in the present position on how online gambling operates.

Players from New Brunswick and some different Atlantic provinces can play through the Atlantic Lottery Corp. This makes it possible to buy lottery tickets and play online games. It includes some casino games, online slots, table games, and sports betting through the Pro-Line system.

Currently, gambling in NB is under the jurisdiction of the NB Lottery. The agency was founded within a short time after the deregulation of gambling in some Canadian provinces back in 2008. In addition to licensing, the NBLGC operates the casinos.

Legally Authorized Gambling Options in New Brunswick

  • Poker: Charity tournaments and home games (no rake) are currently legal in New Brunswick. The poker rooms are available at New Brunswick Casino, Gray Rock Casino. These rooms are much smaller than the provinces and host both cash games and tournaments in one.
  • Sports Betting: Betting on two or more games is allowed under the national penal code. Only residents of the province have the right to use the Pro-Line service for betting. This allows you to bet on two to eight games with winning bets, totals, and props possible for a limited set of sports.
  • Casinos: There are only a few live casinos in NB. The most common is Casino New Brunswick in Moncton. This establishment has over 600 slot machines, over a dozen table games, and a poker room. Apart from this provincial establishment, there is a First Nation casino and betting bingo halls with slot machine-style gambling through the VLT.
  • Horse Racing: You can bet on live races and simulcast bets on races around the world. You can place bets through off-piste bookmakers which are known as “teletheatres”.
  • Lottery: Atlantic Lottery Corp. allows its players to participate in national and provincial sweepstakes. Tickets can be purchased at retail stores or online. What’s more, scratch cards are available. Players can check their numbers and buy tickets for draws through the NB Lottery website.
  • Bingo/Charity Gambling: Charity fundraising is licensed by the NBLGC. These include bingo, road games, sweepstakes, and charity poker tournaments.
  • Gambling: New Brunswick shares an online gambling portal with other Atlantic provinces. The ALC website offers slot machines, instant lotteries, table games, and sports betting. You can buy lottery tickets and take part in the draw.


Online gambling has gained immense popularity in the NB. At this stage, the number of participants increases, and bets are made almost daily. What’s more, legal online gambling games are a great chance to make a considerable profit from the comfort of your home!


Is Online Gambling Legal in New Brunswick?

Online gambling in the NB is legal under the Criminal Code at the federal level. All lottery schemes are regulated by the Lottery Commission in Brunswick.

What Are the Mobile Gambling Options in New Brunswick?

Mobile gambling is a game of skill for money using a remote device such as a smartphone or mobile phone with a wireless Internet connection.

What Is the Legal Gambling Age in New Brunswick?

Residents of NB must be at least 18 years of age or older. In this case, it is allowed to use online gambling and be an active participant in gambling.