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In today’s world, online gambling is gaining popularity and is already dominating the classic type. This online entertainment industry has been actively developing since the advent of smartphones. If it’s not enough, during the pandemic and the closure of land-based casinos, the popularity of online casinos simply skyrocketed. Since then, many classic franchises have moved to the internet.

Every day tens of thousands of players from all over the country visit top Canadian online casinos. But choosing a reliable platform is not as easy as it seems at first glance. It is important not to run into scammers. Since more and more of them are choosing the internet for illegal activities.

Fortunately, our reviews are a tool that allows you to find a platform for entertainment and earnings quickly. Competition in this area is very high, so online casino developers invest heavily in advertising and PR. It is challenging to determine honest sites on your own, so you can use our ready-made ratings.

We believe that only companies tested by our specialists deserve your attention. By depositing at a reviewed casino, you can be sure of one thing. In case of winning, the money will be paid fully within the specified period. We include in our lists only licensed casinos that may operate legally in Canada. This way, you will be able to enjoy the desired emotions and honest chances to win.

Our specialists have extensive experience in testing and validating gambling websites. As a result, we can easily identify the safest resources for players. Therefore, we present to your attention only the best online casinos that can protect the personal data of customers. It includes both data encryption programs from leading companies and professional staff.

In addition, we have developed our own ways of checking gambling sites. As a result, we evaluate each casino in two ways from an ordinary player’s point of view and a professional auditor`s point of view. These methods allow us to do our job well and remain responsive to the needs and desires of the user.

We Test Online Casinos From Users Side

From our establishment until now, we have always put customers’ interests first. We made ratings of the best bonus programs, casino news, selections of the best deals, and more. But most of all, we are proud of the reviews of various gambling websites. Especially the components of these reviews that are performed from the users’ point of view.

The essence of this method is to study in detail certain sections of the online casino. We observed that most players do not use the full functionality of gambling websites. Clients rarely check the license and read the “terms and conditions.” And even though it is natural, since customers are more interested in practical aspects. So we decided to be of use and test casinos from the player’s point of view.

Our specialists register on the casino sites and repeat the same sequence of steps as the players do. Starting from the moment of registration and finishing winnings withdrawal. 

Of course, we check each payment method too. And although it takes a lot of time and effort, our specialists check everything possible. It means making deposits in 10-20 different ways. And the site should provide the option to deposit to all major payment systems, such as VISA, MasterCard, or American Express. Also, all transactions must function correctly.

Our specialists are sure to check the work of customer support. To do so, we check on the site’s possible ways of communication and use each specified one. These are usually live chats, toll-free numbers, and emails. An important nuance for gambling sites in Canada is the mandatory provision of services in two languages. Top casinos have the option of serving in both English and French.

We also check the operation of available gambling games. Of course, if an online casino is big, the mission becomes difficult. After all, top gambling sites often have thousands of games. Therefore, in such cases, our specialists try dozens of the most popular games and dozens of random ones. We also include the results of these tests in the reviews.

The last and most enjoyable step of testing from the user’s point of view is the withdrawal of winnings. As with deposits, we check the operation of all possible payment methods. An important factor is the terms by which funds transfer to a personal account. The duration of money receiving varies depending on the chosen payment system and the casino. The user can obtain the winnings within 24 hours in the best case. At worst – in seven days. The shorter the waiting time, the higher the casino’s score in our review.

Professionals Viewpoint On Casino Sites

When choosing an online casino, do not focus only on the brand’s advertising campaign. That’s why our experts conduct a thorough and in-depth inspection, while amateurs often rely only on user feedback. However, this tactic is very unreliable for several reasons. Honest reviews are almost indistinguishable from fake paid ones. It is the casino that can buy positive reviews to improve its reputation. On the other hand, competitors can order negative comments about the brand. Therefore, as professionals, we do not consider comments as a reliable criterion for finding a casino.

Before registering on the online casino website, our specialists carefully read the information sections: license and legal aspects, rules of responsible gaming, their working conditions, etc. And although for an ordinary person such information will not be handy, it will say a lot for us. We will know the authority that issued the license and will be able to verify its relevance. Also, knowing the requirements for receiving a license, our specialists check if those requirements are followed.

We also make sure to check the history of the casino and its owners. This precaution helps determine if the service provider is honest. If there were no problems with the law and customers in the past. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous owners of online gambling platforms have gone unpunished after violating the law. Instead, they just created a brand under a new name. It is our duty to protect our customers from such scammers.

And, of course, we test the site from different devices and browsers to make sure it is up and running. A good casino should work no matter what device or operating system you use. We pay special attention to the work of the site on IOS and Android. After all, these two systems generate the vast majority of online casino visitors.

Another critical point that we pay attention to is the variety and quality of games. And if the question of diversity of choice is obvious – the more, the better. The game quality has its characteristics. For example, developers of online gambling have a significant role. The better the developer presented on the site is, the more reliable the casino is. In fact, game developers conduct their security checks before allowing the use of their products.

Popular Games In Gambling

Modern online casinos do not look like their land-based “ancestors.” The range has become more diverse, and the number of providers has expanded significantly. Players are offered the following sections:

  • Slots. A common feature of all casino slot machines is that they do not need any real gaming skills. You just have to press the “Spin” button to start playing. But the main iconic feature of this way of gambling is slots jackpots. Anybody can win;
  • Roulette. Like the previous one, this game was the first to move to the Internet. But unlike slots, you can play roulette in the company of several players. There is a classic – European and American version.
  • Baccara. One of the oldest gambling card games, it requires knowledge of rules and certain skills. Most often, it is played with real people, and the win is the joint bank;
  • There is no point in talking about poker. It is the most popular card game that requires good skills. Unlike slots, the electronic version is not as popular as the real-life game. However, casino news claims that online poker has become more popular since the beginning of the pandemic and lockdown.

We Prioritize Safety In Online Gambling

Without exaggeration, the most important feature of any online gambling site is the security of use. And although the gambling industry in Canada is one of the safest in the world, caution is not an extra thing. That is why our specialists have been checking online casinos and doing detailed reviews for more than twenty years. We want to protect our users from scammers, hackers, and unscrupulous casinos, so we have developed several verification methods. We review the license, data encryption methods, and verify reputation at a basic level.

The license is the primary marker of the seriousness of online casinos. In addition, only licensed websites can operate legally in Canada. The best online casino registration locations are Gibraltar, Malta, Cyprus, and Curacao. Only registered and licensed organizations can provide players with sufficient security and protection guarantees. For this reason, we do not consider illegal gambling sites in our reviews.

Firstly, legal gambling organizers are required to undergo an annual mandatory compliance check. Secondly, such casinos are legal entities that can be prosecuted in case of violation of consumer rights. Thirdly, official casinos must also work with legal game and software providers.

When registering on the Canadian casino, each user must specify a certain amount of personal information. It includes the name, surname, place of residence, and bank card number. Potentially, players put themselves in danger by registering on an untested casino site. That’s why we publish a review of only the best casinos with good security and data encryption systems.

Reputation and history of being in the industry are often significantly underestimated aspects. Our specialists carefully study information about casino owners, their previous projects, and more. Thanks to such research, we can learn about illegal actions, cases of loss of customer data, fraudulent transactions, and the creation of fictitious websites. Such investigations are time-consuming, but in the end, we are able to protect our users from all sorts of scams.

Casino Site Checking Points For Users

We understand that not all customers are willing to trust various ratings. The problem gambling industry is facing – many casino ratings are compiled for advertising purposes rather than to help players. So it is not surprising that some may not trust the review. If users want to check out the casino in person, we recommend paying attention to the following points.

  • First of all, the user should check the license. At the same time, the client needs to pay attention to the license number and the company’s address. You can even enter this address into a search engine and check if the office at the specified address even exists;
  • You should personally try to contact customer service. The best online casinos keep in touch with users 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Possible ways to communicate are live chats, email, and toll numbers. If none of the methods work – this is a clear signal of the unreliability of the website;
  • Check the number of games and their providers. The best online casinos Canada has, cooperate only with proven legal providers. And the number of games on reliable sites is estimated at thousands;
  • Ways to deposit and withdraw money are a good indicator of the seriousness of the site. Among the payment methods must be the world’s major payment systems. Such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, DinersClub, and others. The more different payment systems there are, the more likely online casinos are to be reliable;
  • You should also read the “Terms and Conditions” section. It’s pretty boring, but there are hints of the possible unreliability of the casino.

These points are easy to check and do not require professional qualifications or specific programs. All it takes is a little time, Google, attention, and patience. However, you can not waste time and effort and use our review of the best online casinos.

Bonuses Casino In Canada Uses

Various bonuses have been and remain to be the main tools for attracting new users of online casinos. They also help retain existing customers. In general, a lot of attention is paid to promotions in numerous reviews and on the sites themselves. And the promotions of gambling websites are almost entirely based on the benefits of bonuses. Our specialists carefully check the information presented on the sites and test similar casino offers.

First of all, we make sure that the stated conditions of the bonus are true. Unfortunately, there are cases when the bonus is provided with such conditions that it is simply impossible to win. Therefore, our experts ensure that there would be no such logical inconsistencies in our ranking of the best casinos.

There is a deposit bonus among the main promotions of any online casino. Its essence is to provide the client with additional funds when depositing their own. Our team makes sure that such promotions are valid and do not deceive customers.

A special type of offer of various casinos is their no deposit bonuses. It is a rare offer usually given to loyal customers or dedicated to some iconic casino event. We always highlight such promotions in our reviews, so stay tuned for casino news.

We look forward to reviewing our ratings of various casinos. In those lists, we show the available offers of the leading gambling websites. There you can also learn about the validity and conditions of receiving bonuses.

Mobile Version Of Online Casinos

Today, almost the entire population of Canada has smartphones and uses them every day. Therefore, it is not surprising that the mobile version of online Canadian casinos is so important. After all, the better the version of the site for IOS and Android, the more users there will be. Therefore, our specialists test the casino for the quality of their mobile version.

First of all, we make sure that the mobile gadget’s screen correctly displays the website. Top gambling sites have perfect screen optimization. If the inscriptions, icons, games are placed or displayed incorrectly, such a site will receive a low rating from us.

Mobile games in online casinos must be displayed and function correctly. By the way, thanks to the mobile version of the site, you can recognize an unlicensed product. After all, it is fake or pirated games that often have many bugs. Many fraudster casinos Canada authorities found thanks to badly scripted games.

We also praise the casino with no advertising. No one likes to have a game session interrupted by pop-up ads. It’s one thing when it happens on the big screen of a laptop or PC and is almost invisible. And it’s a different matter when advertising takes up the entire screen of a mobile device.

Our specialists also check how user-friendly it is and how fast the site loads. Ideally, the mobile version of the site should be as user-friendly as the desktop version. A website should also be opened with a smartphone almost instantly. We indicate it in our reviews if any of the above criteria do not meet high standards.


Our site has been operating in the gambling market for about two decades. We have developed and improved our own Canadian casinos’ online verification system during this time. Thanks to the dedicated work of our specialists, users are receiving honest and objective reviews. We check if the casino has a license, its reputation, and user reviews.

Canada 2022 gambling year, showed a great increase in users and casino numbers. So our top priority is the safety of players and their funds. That is why we carefully check the correctness of payment methods, data encryption systems, and the honesty of the claimed bonuses. 


Can I Win Money In Reviewed Sites?

People over 18 can register on a gambling website and try to win real money. If you know the rules of poker or blackjack, test yourself in these categories. If you want to relax and enjoy gambling – slots or roulette are good options. In addition, as a new player, you will get some deposit bonuses.

Do I Need To Create A Profile On A Website?

Some demo versions of popular games are available to unregistered guests. But to play for money, creating an account on the site is a must. Receiving free spins, making a deposit, or withdrawing winnings is possible only for registered users.

Are Reviewed Casinos Safe To Use?

All casino reviews published on the site are licensed and operate legally in Canada. The operation of these sites is regulated by law and audited by independent auditors. In addition, our experts personally make sure that the terms and conditions are compiled correctly and adhered to. We also carefully check the operation of games, communicate with the customer service, and test the operation of mobile versions of the site. Therefore, we are confident that all reviewed casinos are safe for players.

How Can I Get Bonuses?

It is pretty easy to get bonuses. To do this, you need to register on the casino website and click on the “get a bonus” icon. Of course, before that, you should carefully read the terms and conditions because different promotions have different receipt requirements. Except for the no deposit bonus, all others are provided after making the deposit.

Why Should I Trust Your Reviews?

Our site is one of the flagships of the industry and is known for its objective reviews. Since we have been working in the gambling market for more than twenty years, the number of regular visitors to the site is estimated at tens of thousands. And the team of our specialists is perhaps the best among all. That is why our reviews are so popular and worthy of your trust.